Sunday, December 14, 2008


Roads to Leningrad: Soloing this at the moment. It's been sitting on the dining table for weeks, but my lovely wife never complains. This is a terrific design, I really like the flow of the combat phase, it's very hard to count all the beans in advance, you just have to put as much as you can in place, make your decisions and hope for the best. I suspect there's a lot of skill involved in playing well, especially as the Germans.

Tamsk: A great birthday gift from Phil. Although the physical production is nowhere near as satisfying as Yinsh or Dvonn, I love the tension and excitement of this game. It sheds the sober, thoughtful image of abstracts, and generates lots of fun!

Gouda! Gouda!: Another birthday gift from Les, this has proved to be a hit with Sue. It also went down well with her parents (although it seemed a bit too long with 4).

World War 5: Dinky little Risk-lite game with Icehouse pieces, just arrived as a freebie in the Looney Labs Christmas mailshot. If I play my cards right I may even get Sue to try this one.

Successors: Just arrived courtesy of GMT's autumn sale. Looks wonderful, I have to reluctantly admit that GMT games are getting physically nicer since they switched production to China.

Unhappy King Charles: This preorder is mid-Atlantic I believe, I'm looking forward to seeing what a CDG on this theme looks like. Could be a perfect marriage of politics and warfare.

Race for the Galaxy: the Gathering Storm: This is top of my current cravings. I like Race for the Galaxy a lot, don't often get a chance to play it, and would love to try out the solo "robot" in the expansion.