Monday, December 31, 2007

Gaming token

My car got towed this morning. Initially I thought it had been stolen, but after a few calls I tracked it down to our friends at the Harringay council vehicle pound. Apparently I had been parked in front of a "dropped kerb" whatever that is. Aargh! £250 gone, what a waste! And how depressing.

But I am married to a wonderful woman. After I had recovered my car and was brooding in my study, Sue brought up a cup of tea, some chocolate, and this voucher, entitling me to a game of Conquest of Paradise (recently arrived in the post) with my wife. Excellent, my mood is lifting already.

Thing is though, a lot of wargamers would love to have a voucher like this. So I'm seriously thinking about eBaying it. It might even cover the fine......

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Man flu

Some people (especially women) speak of "man flu" in a derogatory tone of voice. However, I can report that Sue and I have conclusively demonstrated the existence of this mysterious illness. We were both infected simultaneously last weekend with the same strain of virus, and started developing symptoms at the same time on Monday morning. However, my illness has clearly developed in a much more serious manner than Sue's, as measured objectively by the following signs:
- Groaning
- Blowing nose
- Grumbling
- Sneezing
- Self-medicating
- Coughing
- Lying in bed
- Wishing self dead
- Feeling too tired to do household chores
So there it is. You heard it here first - "man flu" is real.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Christmas Challenge

Anyone for a readers-only game of Euphrat & Tigris over on BoardGameGeek? It's called Globus Pallidus and the password is "nimrods".

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I'm excited about wargaming at the moment. I'm excited because:

1) I'm meeting Marty tomorrow to play Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage. I used to play this a lot back in the 90's, it will be great to play this classic again. Marty has the new Valley Games edition with the controversial Mike Doyle artwork - it will be interesting to see how useable the new edition is.

2) I'm meeting Phil (my son) on Sunday to play lots of Up Front! And you just can't beat a good game of Up Front!

3) I've just ordered Clash of Giants II in GMT's winter sale. 50% off - that's exciting!

4) Somebody contacted me out of the blue on BGG and offered me a trade. So I swapped 2 games I didn't really want (Hansa and Caesar & Cleopatra) for one game that I pick up and look at every time I go in a game shop but put it down with a sigh because of the price label (Runebound). I'm very excited about Runebound - especially as I can play it solo. And I'm very attracted by the idea of the expansion decks. Term finishes tomorrow so I hope I'll get a couple of hours to try this one out shortly.