Sunday, November 15, 2009

Failing to clear Colleville actually

I had fun at London ASL yesterday, in spite of us getting a late start because the door into Starbucks had a broken lock. So we stood around outside for an hour chatting about ASL while we waited for the locksmith to turn up. I played starter kit scenario S5 "Clearing Colleville" with newbie Iain, so I was actually teaching this scarily complex game to someone. Great scenario, very tense finish, with time very short for my American attackers, and Iain put up an effective defence.

I feel a bit torn about ASL - it's a terrific fun game, and it's great to have a little ASL community on the doorstep. But there are so many other great wargames out there that I also want to explore. But having opponents available makes a huge difference. It's nowhere near so much fun wargaming solo or online.