Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More blatant consumerism

Talking of consumerism, it really is time I stopped buying new games. I'm supposed to be a student on a tight budget after all. In the last few months, I can think of at least 5 new titles that I have picked up:

Chicago Express
Race for the Galaxy: Rebel vs Imperium

I just collected these today. Very excited, especially about Chicago Express, which might be a possibility for Christmas Eve with the boys.

Beyond Valor

The big one. The purchase that says "I'm serious about this ASL thing". But am I? I certainly haven't punched the counters yet.

Peloponnesian War

Kind of pre-ordered this by accident from GMT. Got stung on import duty/admin fees.

Stalingrad Pocket
Modern Art

OK these are Maths Trade acquisitions. But I also acquired an (unwanted) Drive on Stalingrad as part of the deal.

Res Publica

Vic bequeathed this to me before he left for Canada.

Roll Through the Ages

My Mum got me this for my birthday, bless her. Last time she got me a game I was about 8. I like it a lot too, especially as Sue enjoys playing it.

Napoleon's Triumph
After the Flood
Unhappy King Charles

These are purchases from slightly earlier this year, so maybe don't count. Excellent (but expensive) all three of them.

Oh. That's more than 5 isn't it.

In the same time period I have sold exactly one game (BattleLore) and traded another two (Flandern 1302 and Conquistador) , so it's clear which direction of flow predominates.

January may have to see a little clearout, I think.

More Apple dilemmas

My iPod (2006 30Gb Classic) has packed up - or at least the right channel of the jack socket has. The nice people at the Apple temple store said they could fix it for £108. Where "fix" actually means replacing it with a brand new one. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

My iPod feels like an old friend. It goes everywhere with me. There's something very appealing about the idea of carrying at least 60% of my CD collection around in my pocket.

But do I really need one? When it comes down to it, 90% of my listening is podcasts: Guardian Film Weekly or 2 Half Squads (note the wargaming reference there). I could probably live without that. Time on my commute is better spent reading neuroscience papers really.

And I've just shelled out (after much agonizing) on a MacBook Pro. Maybe it's time to cut back on the blatant consumerism for a while?