Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Played Puerto Rico at John's place last night. Also present were Dave, Robin and Steve - good turnout. It took us over 2 hours to get about half-way through the game before Robin and I left, pleading work the next day. I know we were learning the game as we went along but, good grief, this was slow play guys! I guess I was spoiled at ManorCon by a weekend gaming with people who liked to crack on. Anyway, I propose new legislation to ban the following behaviours:

    Gazing into middle distance while the others wait for you to think. Finally jerking awake and saying "Is it my turn?"

    Requesting explanation of a rule that has just been explained.

    Requesting explanation of a rule that is clearly summarized right in front of you on the game board.

    Trying really hard to win even though this is "just a learning game".

    Giving a lengthy explanation of a rule that everyone already understands.

    Refusing to start a game until every rule and the implications of every rule have been exhaustively spelled out for you.

    Attempting to calculate ahead like a chess computer even when the game is clearly not susceptible to that kind of analysis.

    Offering unsolicited tactical advice to someone who has finally made his mind up - throwing him into fresh confusion.

    Gazing into middle distance while someone else has his turn. Finally jerking awake and demanding a detailed explanation of what just happened while you were dozing.

    Dozing between turns rather than planning your next move.

    Taking the whole business too damn seriously!

Maybe I need a break from this whole boardgaming business.......

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