Thursday, November 28, 2002

Confession. Blogging seemed a bit tame after kayaking with wild dolphins, or enjoying wine and a cold buffet served off the bonnet of a safari truck, with two black rhinos strolling by, or climbing Table Mountain in blazing sunshine, or tubing down the Storms River. And I returned from holiday to a full-on panic at work, where I was seen as The Guru who could miraculously save our systems from grinding to a halt. It's taken over a week to disabuse them of that illusion. So I've been a bit too tired and fraught for gaming or blogging.

But I finally got round to some wargaming with Dave last night. Battle Cry: set them up, charge them forwards, shoot them down, great fun! And ideal for someone who's feeling a bit tired and fraught. We played Brawner's Farm, which is slightly biassed towards the Confederates, but Dave's Federals came very close to beating me before attrition started to tell. Battle Cry is great, can't understand why it has been gathering dust on my shelf for so long. I'm going to download some extra scenarios from John Foley's excellent website and have me some more good old-fashioned wargaming fun.

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