Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Don't miss this. If you're a gamer you've been there. Dan Bosley's hilarious account of his attempt to get some friends to play Trans America:

    “So let me explain how we play....”

    “Is this going to take long? Do you have Pictionary?”

    “No,” I reply. “This won’t take long. This game is quite easy. And I do have Pictionary. And we could play Pictionary after this game if you like.”

    “Pictionary’s a great game. It’s fun to play.”

    “Yes,” I say, “Pictionary is fun. Would you rather play that instead?”

    “Oh, don’t listen to her. I don’t like Pictionary. I’m no good at drawing. Let’s play this game. You said it’s good. So how do we play?”

    “What’s wrong with Pictionary? You don’t have to be a good artist. You just have to be a good guesser. I haven’t played Pictionary in a long time. We should get our own copy of it. We have Monopoly at home, but we don’t have Pictionary.”

    “Hey, I really like Monopoly. Maybe we could play that instead. I can’t remember the last time I played Monopoly. But that’s a really good game, and everyone already knows how to play!”

    Well, I think to myself, isn’t this peachy?

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