Tuesday, February 11, 2003

How am I doing so far with my New Year resolutions?

1) Eat breakfast
Yes, haven't missed a day yet.

2) Play wargames
Not so good. This year I've only played Hammer of the Scots and Hornet Leader that I can remember. And the latter is a solitaire game.

3) Go skiing
Ticked off. A great week in Saas Fe with Phil in January.

4) Drink wine
Doing OK. About 3 bottles so far.

5) Don't smoke
No primary smoking. But a very heavy evening of secondary smoking in the Wyndham Arms last Friday.

6) Go Ceroc dancing
Most weeks at least one visit, except when I was skiing. Still struggling to build a decent repertoire of intermediate moves.

Six out of six. Not bad eh? Shows the benefits of setting low expectations.

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