Monday, July 14, 2003

So how did I get on with my weekend list?
    GoKarting on Sunday - this was great fun, if rather scary. I was really pleased that I got into the final, but Nick did even better, coming in third for a place on the podium!

    Wargame show at Devizes on Saturday - went to this. Found it slightly boring. Surely I'm not growing out of toy soldiers?

    Paint my front door and fit door-knocker - not done. Simon advised against painting in this heat. Good excuse.

    Plant stuff in the garden - not done. Can't think of an excuse.

    Finish large piece of coursework for Workshop next weekend - made good progress on this on Sunday morning.

    Go to church - skipped church to do my course work. It made a very pleasant change to stay at home.

    Sit around chatting in a coffee shop - done. Very pleasant too.
A pretty enjoyable weekend, especially as it was rounded off with a few pints in the Wyndham Arms playing Chrononauts with Nick and Simon. I won two out of the three games!

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