Friday, September 10, 2004

There's a good interview with Ted Raicer over at, where he talks about his latest World War 1 design for GMT, Grand Illusion, which sounds very interesting indeed. At the end of the interview Ted says something I firmly believe myself - we are living through a Golden Age of boardgaming.

Just that I think that our hobby today has a degree of finesse in the artwork and the design, even in the quality of play…some people play these games online enormous numbers of times. I know people who have played Paths of Glory hundreds of times. We talk about the 70’s and the early 80’s as the Golden Age of Wargaming. There was SPI and there was Avalon Hill. Certainly in terms of numbers of people in the hobby and the money involved that was the Golden Age. But I think in terms of the quality of product, the look of the games, and, as I said, the quality of the play, this is probably the Golden Age of Wargaming.


nickp said...

Hi Nimrod,

I'm thinking of buying Grand Illusion from Leisure Games, Finchley. Any thoughts? I've read the reviews etc by the way.

In cidently, I adjusted to Prussia's Glory eventually and have a begrudging liking for it. recently picked up Under the Lily Banners and know it will be good when I finally learn those rules! L2's Russian Campaign is a good ride, though a little simple - sort of thing I'd bring out to play with a non-wargaming pal on a wet afternoon, assuming they know the compelling historic situation. Cheers.

Peter said...

Hi Nick

I'm thinking about selling it actually! I have too many unpunched wargames filling my shelves at the moment. Have no experience of playing the game I'm afraid.

I have This Accursed Civil War which looks very promising indeed.


PS Are you going to read something more recent on my blog??