Thursday, October 27, 2005

Urk.... I'm feeling a bit ruled-out at the moment.

This weekend John, Dave, Nick and possibly Simon, Fiona and Phil are coming over to my flat to celebrate "Nimrods - the Festival of War!" The idea is to spend the whole weekend wallowing in 2-player wargames, with occasional trips to the local game shop or the pub for light relief.

I have lots of wargames on my shelves, but that is not much good to anyone unless I am ready to teach a reasonable number of them to another gamer at short notice.So over the last couple of weeks I've been working my way through them: Thirty Years War, Crusader Rex and War of the Ring have all been set up on the table for a solo play-through, and the rules stuffed in my laptop bag for perusal over lunch. As Friday approaches I'm embarking on the Von Manstein's Backhand Blow job, but I think I've finally run out of steam. I can't seem to get to the schwerpunkt.

After all this reading about it, I'm desperate for the consummation of actually playing some wargames. So it's a good job that the WarFest is nearly here. I'm particularly desperate to play War of the Ring. Dave and Nick have arranged to play Paths of Glory, but Dave is coming over early (this evening) so I think I will attempt to lure him into a game of WotR before Nick arrives....



Christo said...

Good luck with WoTR - it is a blast. But allow at least 4 hours!

Dave Wilson said...

"As Friday approaches I'm embarking on the Von Manstein's Backhand Blow job,"

Are you sure you don't want to edit that text a bit? Somehow it seems a little, um, unwholesome.


(feel free to delete this comment if the suggested editing occurs. :) )

Gavin said...

Classic, Dad, classic! I almost want to come over this weekend just to see exactly what that is...

Peter said...

I have to admit it was deliberate....... just couldn't resist a bit of smut and innuendo.