Wednesday, January 11, 2006


As a belated Christmas gift to you all, I've posted rules to a Diplomacy variant that I designed back in 1992, called Columbus. Here are the links:
I have also put them in the sidebar.

This was played quite a few times in various postal Dip zines in the 90s, so it has been thoroughly playtested - it works and it's fun! I believe it was popular in Sweden until quite recently......well "popular" as in half a dozen guys played it.



Gavin said...

Wow Dad that brings back memories. If there's one game that sums up the 90's for me, it's Columbo.

Peter said... was Columbus actually, not Columbo.

William said...

Is it on geek?

Peter said...

The idea is in my head that Dip variants aren't allowed on that true?

Phil said...

I believe that this posting has officially been past it's sell by date for 12 days now.

Come on man! Let's have some new material.

Peter said...

I would like to emphasize Phil that I will never respond to demands for new material.