Monday, November 20, 2006

Welcome to anyone visiting from today's Guardian interview. I hope you're not feeling too confused - this weblog is mainly about my other pastime, boardgaming. But I do occasionally write about paragliding too, as at here, and here, and here. I hope you can stick around......


Keith Bennett said...

Dear Peter
I'd love to get Carole a good game for Christmas this year. She loves word play and mind stretchy things (that's why she married me!) She is hugely systematic and when we have played games where you have to work out who did what and where and with what she has the most elaborate charts and cross references known to man. She rarely wins these because she is caught up with the process. That's what she is like. Any ideas?

Peter said...

Hi Keith


A few suggestions:

Settlers of Cataan - needs at least 3 people, a game about trading and building villages and towns. A classic.

Carcassone - a game about laying tiles and making patterns and networks to score points.

Mystery of the Abbey - game about solving a murder mystery. I've not played this one but it has a good reputation.

Through the Desert - a fairly abstract game about encircling territory with chains of colured camels! Excellent.

A good place to buy is Playin Games in Museum Street. They do good mail order service 02073233080.

Now - can I recommend a good paraglider for you?

Gavin said...

Sounds like she'd enjoy Zendo.

William said...

How about Apples to Apples?