Thursday, December 07, 2006

On the table - BattleLore

I've got BattleLore on my gaming table. It's been sitting there in its shrinkwrap since last Saturday, when I picked it up from my friendly local game shop along with my two free monsters. I've opened the monsters and had a quick look at them - in fact I tried to do that at the lights on the way home, much to the annoyance of the drivers behind me. So why haven't I ripped the shrinkwrap off this fabulous new game? Why have I been spending my evenings rebuilding my PC or watching FireFly episodes instead?

To be honest, I'm intimidated. It's a big heavy box. It's a big game, with a big future. It could turn out to be a hobby in its own right. Do I really need that right now? After all, I already love C&C Ancients and I want to spend more time exploring it. The first expansion should be arriving shortly. And Memoir 44 with its expansions is there on the shelf making me feel guilty. Likewise there is the ASL Starter Kit #2 to explore (and #3 shortly to appear), with the possibilities of Beyond Valor and beyond beckoning me.

My unopened copy of Battlelore - it's like Pandora's box. Once I open it, who knows what might change in my gaming life? Maybe it's safer leaving it there on the table, unopened. After all, I can still look at the pretty pictures on the box.....


William said...

Had a look on geek, it looks pretty impressive, count me in if you need a victim, sorry, opponent.

Chris Farrell said...

Hey, it's just a game, you paid for it, you might as well play it :)

I've broken the shrink on mine, and look forward to giving it a try, although I haven't bought into the whole idea of a BattleLine "franchise" yet. Games billed explicitly as franchises from the get-go don't have terrific track records. I'm just annoyed that it literally came in just as I finished putting all the @#!$ stickers on my C&C:AE1. Now I'm sure everyone will want to play BattleLore instead.