Monday, November 26, 2007

OP-free gaming

My experience of a con is often spoiled by encountering one of the several kinds of obnoxious person (OP) that this hobby seems to attract: know-it-alls, rules lawyers, whiners, analysis paralytics, or bullies, to name but a few. Finding yourself across the table from one of these as you embark on a long game - Civilization, Diplomacy, or 1830 for example - can be very depressing.

Thankfully, at MidCon last week I didn't meet a single OP. Almost as soon as I got there my friend old Nick Wells arrived and we had a happy couple of hours playing ASL Starter Kit and C&C:Ancients. And then things got even better when Vick Hall appeared - I hadn't seen him for a few years, but Vick was my editor when I ran a little subzine in A Little Original Sin, his postal Diplomacy zine in the twilight years of the last century. Vick is an ideal opponent - genial, courteous, swift, and a deadly player.

Next morning we set up Civilization (not Advanced) on a table and swiftly recruited two more willing volunteers, and were soon embarked on a 5-player game. Our new recruits (Steve Hilton and Bill Mayling) also turned out to be vice-free opponents, so our epic 8-hour journey through ancient history was a thoroughly pleasant experience. So here's to you: Nick, Vick, Steve and Bill - thanks for being ideal gaming partners and the very opposite of OPs.

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Gavin said...

"Friend old Nick Wells" or "Old friend Nick Wells"???