Monday, December 31, 2007

Gaming token

My car got towed this morning. Initially I thought it had been stolen, but after a few calls I tracked it down to our friends at the Harringay council vehicle pound. Apparently I had been parked in front of a "dropped kerb" whatever that is. Aargh! £250 gone, what a waste! And how depressing.

But I am married to a wonderful woman. After I had recovered my car and was brooding in my study, Sue brought up a cup of tea, some chocolate, and this voucher, entitling me to a game of Conquest of Paradise (recently arrived in the post) with my wife. Excellent, my mood is lifting already.

Thing is though, a lot of wargamers would love to have a voucher like this. So I'm seriously thinking about eBaying it. It might even cover the fine......


Phil said...

That is unbelievably harsh (the car towing, not the token). If I were you, I'd appeal it to the hilt. Most of the time some busybody has towed you without proper justification.

Sue the bastards.

Mikko said...

Lovely token. Your wife's a treasure!

Jack said...

Bad news about the towing, but that token is brilliant! I got stuffed by TNT again yesterday, but gaming with chums soon turned my mood around.

Happy New Year!


Gavin said...

Here is a really useful FAQ on dropped curbs: