Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I won! I'm starting to like this game.....

I'm starting to come to terms with Combat Commander:Europe. It helps that I've finally - third try - managed to beat Marty. It was quite a satisfying win as well - it didn't feel too random or gamey. My main line of attack was held up by wire for several turns. By the time I finally cleared it (OK that bit was random) I had saved up a pretty deadly hand of fire combos, and caught his defenders in a deadly storm of FT and HMG attacks. They crumbled and fled.

So I'm starting to figure out which levers to press to make things go my way. Never give up the initiative card - if you do you'll never get that crushing attack result you're after. Never forget it's a card game - the state of your hand is just as important as the position of your troops on the map.

Nevertheless, it still feels lacking in authenticity compared with Up Front! or ASLSK. I don't think it will ever draw me into the same visceral experience that its towering forbears can do.

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skarper said...

Hi Peter,

This is Andy Mallory - commenting from Vietnam. I live here now and have downloaded VASL.

It's the only gaming I've had access to in years and I'm spending a lot of my free time watching games and playing solo. I've had a couple of games online and it's coming back - though I realise I used to get a lot of the basic mechanics wrong.

Do you use VASL?

Would you fancy a game one weekend?

I know your gaming schedule must be chokka block - but on the off chance let me know.

e-mail is lse_andy(AT)yahoo.co.uk

(not sure if the spammers can harvest e-mails from blogs)