Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The red box

LesCon - which is actually 5 gaming buddies crammed into a log cabin in the Forest of Dean for a weekend - is fast approaching. I'm getting very excited now, and starting to think about what to pack in my red box. As a necessary discipline I plan to restrict myself to one medium size plastic crate of games, especially as 3 of us are car-sharing so space is at a premium.

I'm thinking of a small number of really good multiplayer games that will take 5, and making sure I know the rules well and am ready to teach them. Current candidates:

Dune (an Avalon Hill scifi classic - very highly thought of in some quarters. I could bring the DVD as well!)
Empires of the Ancient World (a Martin Wallace golden-oldie)
1825 (gentler and shorter than 1830)
Die Macher (the ultimate heavy euro - always wanted to try this)
My amazing poker chips

And perhaps a couple of quick 2-player wargames that don't take up too much space:

ASL Starter Kit 2
Up Front!
Crusader Rex (like Hammer of the Scots with sunshine)
Rise of the Luftwaffe (Up Front in the air! you can do the big bombing missions with more than 2)

And something special from Canada:


Oh dear, even this lot won't fit, so some will have to be left behind.....


Marty said...

I would love to have a go at Die Macher, if others are willing.

I was thinking of bringing Here I Stand, a multiplayer card driven wargame set in Europe during the Reformation - Martin Luther, Henry VII, etc. I will only bring it if others would like to have a go, and I have to declare that I haven't played it myself yet. There is an excellent introductory article called 'Learning Here I Stand in 20 minutes' in a recent C3i magazine, which I know Peter has.

I was also going to bring Wits & Wagers, a good 'party game' filler, which I played for the first time last night - really good fun.

I also have Wallenstein, which I have also yet to play, but gets good reviews & is suitable for five players.

The rest of my collection can be seen here, if you're remotely interested.....

Looking forward to meeting you all soon.

Phil said...

LesCon - kind of sounds seedier than it actually is

med said...
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