Friday, April 20, 2001

Have you been watching Spaced? If not, shame on you, you've just missed series 2. Have a look at the fansite instead. I love this show because it features lots of nimrods (mostly in the shape of the same character - Tim - mind you) - SciFi nimrods, comic nimrods, Star Wars nimrods, PlayStation nimrods, robot nimrods, paintball nimrods, even TA nimrods. It's so refreshing and, yes, validating, to see nimrod-type behaviour depicted so accurately and lovingly on the box. OK, no boardgame nimrods (yet) - but a nimrod is a nimrod! Come to think of it, Mike is strikingly reminiscent of Dave Cook!

A great games website I discovered recently is boardgamegeek. It inherits from the (now defunct) games dumpster lots and lots of errata, helpsheets, variants etc But the really nice thing about boardgamegeek is - it's got pictures! Many of the entries have photos of the game in question unpacked and laid out on a table in all its glory. So if you want to see what, say, Columbia's new block-game Pacific Victory looks like, this is the place. Feed your habit!

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