Thursday, April 19, 2001

Krieg! is a monster. OK, it's only a little monster, but still, it required me to set aside most of Easter weekend to refight World War 2.

Nick and Dave turn up Friday evening, keen to start the conflagration. Nick as Germany is determined to stay off the drink to maximize his chances. This resolution lasts all of...oh....5 minutes.

Nick scrapes into Poland, then turning West, declares war on Belgium/Holland months before he is ready to invade. Dave has plenty of time to prepare, and in Summer 1940 Nick batters himself against a solid wall in the Lowlands. Meanwhile I have persuaded Bulgaria to join the International revolution.

By Saturday afternoon Total War has given me the opportunity to pour into Eastern Germany, only slightly hampered by armistice. Nick concedes at 4pm.

We immediately start again, Nick and Dave swapping places. Dave plays very efficiently on historic timetable. He collapses France in short order, then turns on me in 1941. We are playing without Emergency Mobilization, and I have a tough summer playing a fighting retreat. I have a better winter blitzing the Krauts, but summer 1942 is even harder, and I lose Leningrad. Meanwhile Dave has assembled a big team: Italy, Spain, Yugoslavia, Greece, Finland and Turkey. He even spends a few turns in Southampton! Having taken Sunday off it is now Monday evening and we agree to finish. I think Dave is winning, but Nick is not so sure.

Good grief, I need a few weeks off from boardgaming! I'm exhausted!

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