Friday, October 05, 2001

I am so cheesed off with Blogger! I haven't been able to FTP to my website for a week, it just comes up with "530 Login Incorrect". This happened to me once before and I fiddled with the settings a bit until it sprung into life again. Well, I've done a lot of fiddling this week and - nothing! Hand-coding the entries just isn't the same - much more hassle than Blogger (when it's working). Sigh! It's very frustrating, just when nimrods was starting to build up a loyal readership.

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Anonymous said...

I am getting the same problem with awardspace hosting. FTP login failed (server:, username: "", reason: 530 Login incorrect. )

i am trying to publish content for my domain and

Is there any to export the blog to files?



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