Monday, October 29, 2001

I've been a bit slack on the game reports lately. And certain people who promised me reports (Nick) haven't come up with the goods yet!

Anyway, yesterday I played Lost Cities with Phil. Only ten minutes of gaming, but great fun, especially as I beat him (twice)!

The previous Sunday (I think) Dave came over and played Settlers with me and Phil. We played two complete games, Dave won the first, I won the second. Poor Phil! That Saturday Nick dropped in and played Up Front! (Nick's Belgians slaughtered my German paratroopers) and Battle Cry (I won). Then William turned up and we played Vinci, which I (controversially, as always in Vinci) won. Nick disappeared and William and I played 3 rounds of Rise of the Luftwaffe. This is an excellent game - Up Front in the air!

Two Saturdays ago I played Paths Of Glory with Nick, and also benefitted from Nick's excellent curry-cooking skills. I was the Allies, and I was doing really well on VPs until Nick surrounded 7 Russian armies on one turn! I hope we soon get beyond the beginner's mistakes stage with PoG!

I've also got a memory of playing Samurai with Dave and William on a recent Thursday evening, but can no longer put a date on it. We played through this great game twice in one evening, and I'd like to have another go at it soon.

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