Thursday, January 17, 2002

Yesterday was a good day for parcels. My stuff from PalmTec arrived - a lovely hard case in shiny red (just like my car), and a NiMH battery-charger (I'm tempted to call them NiMrod batteries). I decided there were two reasons I didn't use my Psion 5mx fully - I was afraid of carrying around with me in case I cracked the screen again, and I was too mean to use the backlighting and get through the batteries. Hopefully my parcel has addressed these two issues and I can now get the most out of my little computer.

I also got an envelope from Minden games. Pretty good - across the Atlantic a week after I ordered. Unfortunately they sent me the 1st edition of Retro ASL for some reason so I will have to badger them to send me the 2nd edition that I asked for.

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