Monday, September 29, 2003

Pretty knackered after the weekend which I spent in London, group tutoring for Workshop. I was a bit nervous about this beforehand but it went very well. I really like the group that has been allocated to me and co-tutor Michelle - nine people from all sorts of different backgrounds who started to gel together really well over the weekend. Pleasant drink with Workshop friends in the Hope at Wandsworth on Saturday evening too.

This was my second consecutive weekend being busy in London, so starting to feel in need of a rest. Sorting out a gas leak in the kitchen this morning did not help, as I was 2 hours late into work as a result which will need to be caught up some time soon. It also looks like my house is sold - only 2 weeks after I called the estate agents (H W White, highly recommended!) so next weekend which was slated as empty recuperation time, will probably be spent househunting instead! Which is brilliant of course, but I could do with a break......

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