Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Apologies, I am mucking about with comments on this blog, and it's not going very well so far. I want to move over to Blogger comments, but leave the legacy comments (Enetation) still available for you to read, while subtly discouraging you from adding any more legacy comments. So the link to the new (Blogger) comments is at the right hand side at the bottom of each post. My idea is that there will be a little reminder in the middle where there are legacy comments available, something like a '*' or '(2)'. But Enetation doesn't seem to want to play ball at the moment, so it's all a bit of a mess for now. So just remember, the new comments system - the one I want you to use from now on - is on the right. OK?


Robert McGovern said...

Check and ooouuu, much longer process to leave comments now but hey, can't complain :)

Robert McGovern said...

Oh yeah, you may not I've had a blogger account since March 2002 but never used it :) I think I created it around the same time as a free Livejournal account and went with it.