Friday, May 06, 2005

I met up with the Farnborough gamers last night, and gave them a good stuffing at Settlers of Catan. These guys are pretty hard-core Euro-gamers - they go to Essen and have their names in the credits for some of Reiner's finest - but surprisingly Settlers is new to them. They even use the wussy setup on the card instead of the random setup. Keith got an early lead until I managed to snatch the Longest Road off him, Trevor was obsessive about Soldiers and Robbers (I swear most of his cards were pinched off Keith rather than earned legitimately) and John struggled on the margins. Everyone was a bit unwilling to trade, but the dice seemed to go my way and after an initial dry spell I was steadily showered with cards.

Next I introduced them to Knizia's Samurai, which went down very well especially with Keith. John won and I came in last. I love this game but I'm starting to realize that I have not the slightest clue about what constitutes good play. I need to do some serious thinking and see if I can find some decent strategy articles.


Keith Shapley said...

V enjoyable evening altho' feeling a bit bleary eyed this morning - must have been the zero cholesterol nibbles (sounds bad, tastes worse) or maybe the red wine. Just to put the record straight, unlike Trev, Les and John I cant claim to have assisted in the testing of Herr Knizias games, I just enjoy buying and playing the finished article. As for the wussy Sellers set up - guilty as charged it wont happen again

Timotab said...

have you seen the Settlers 10th Anniversary Special Edition?