Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I went to see Star Wars Episode 3 last night. Portentious, dead-in-the-water script mixed with cut-scenes from a video game. Lots of pretty stuff to look at, emotional involvement nil. The best bit of the evening was the trailer for The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe which looks surprisingly promising. I just hope thay don't over-Jacksonize the battle scenes, if you know what I mean. Battles in Narnia are very small affairs, a typical army is a handful of humans and a few hundred talking animals at the most.


Yehuda said...

The story was actually about right; it connected up pretty well, except for not explaining the huge decline in technology from the third to fourth episode.

The transition from Jedi to traitor was ok, but the transition from traitor to serving the emperor and to becoming a mass murderer was woefully underdone and unbelievable. The naming at the end was unbelievably bad.

The acting and screenplay, the excitement, and sympathy with the characters was awful. Worst of the lot, by a long way.

All in all, yuck. My ranking, out of 10:

Ep 5 - 9.8
Ep 4 - 9.6
Ep 2 - 8.9
Ep 6 - 7.1
Ep 1 - 6.0
EP 3 - 4.5


Yehuda said...

That is supposed to say: traitor to *becoming the emperor's servant*