Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Methuselah of Gameblogging?

It's a big day for nimrods - our 5th birthday! Hard to believe I've been doing this since April 2001. I reckon that makes this the world's oldest gameblog (note, I didn't say the world's oldest gameblogger - at least I hope not). Mikko started about a year after me, and I can't think of any others of similar vintage. But my memory is not what it was (too much blogging), so please correct me if you know otherwise......

Any regular readers out there? What was your favourite nimrods posting? Drop me a comment and let us know.


Iain said...

You are the first boardgames blogger I know of (and the first born too AFAIK!).

My favourite post was when you lost Europe Engulfed badly and you took a photo of your mate with arms held aloft in triumph.

Mikko said...

You've certainly been doing this for a long time. I don't think there were many blogs around - I found an old version of my blog from Internet Archive, and it had no links to other blogs back then.

So, congratulations! I've been doing my board game review site for a bit over five years now - it's certainly quite a long time in the Internet.

Phil said...

Congratulations Dad. It's quite a feat to make it last 5 years!

My favourite posting was the one where you wrote a descriptive passage about "touching cloudbase". It was brilliant prose, and as a bonus it had nothing to do with board games!

Yehuda said...

Happy birthday!


William said...

Happy Birthday

Sometime I miss the old picture of the dice you used to have though