Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pub Games

I met up with Les again last night for our regular pub game session. Not darts or dominoes, but Battle Line and Blue Moon. I love both these games hugely, although at the moment Battle Line really makes my head spin with the intensity of the decision making. Won the Battle Line, but lost the Blue Moon. The Blue Moon loss was especially humbling, as after losing with the Mimix to Les's Pillar,we swapped decks, and I managed to lose again just as convincingly with the Pillar. Ah well, it's not the decks then......

Les is an amiable and challenging opponent, the real ale was good - what more could I ask for?


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Game Over said...

Now that's what I call boardgaming.. a nice game in a cosy pub with some real ale... I'm soooo jealous