Sunday, June 18, 2006

NimrodCon never fails to surprise. Every year we go to the same place (a self-catering cottage in Hay-on-Wye), with roughly the same people (the gaming group that used to meet in Salisbury), and with the same general idea (books, beer and boardgames). But every year it turns out a little unexpectedly. This time there were three new factors: more women (we must be upping our social skills); amazing weather; and the World Cup. All conspired to keep people away from the game tables and out in the Black Mountains, swimming in the river, or in the pub watching the match. Nevertheless, in spite of all these obstacles, all these ways that people found of having a good time without the use of a board or dice, some gaming was fitted in somehow. Some of the games that were played over the four days:

Command and Colors Ancients: This was a big hit, convincing even John (who knows a lot about the period and who has played a lot of 7th Edition and DBM in his time) in the end. I played three games, coaching three different new players, losing every one, but enjoying each one immensely.

Settlers of the Stone Age: reminded me that even a really good German game can be ruined if someone is determined to play as if it is Diplomacy.

San Juan: This is really good, we enjoyed the first one so much (sitting out on the balcony in the sunshine) that we went round and played it again immediately.

Attika: played this twice on Monday morning, in the final burst of gaming that came when we realized it was nearly time to go. Last time I played it (at Baycon) it was a confusing maze, this time it all clicked into place and I won easily - twice in a row!

Dvonn: a lot of this was played by various people in odd moments on the grass or in the pub. I played once against Gavin and won - but only just! I think this is my favourite of the series.

6 Nimmt!: went down very well as usual.

Wings of War: this happened after I went to bed I think - but all fell to Nick's conquering Red Baron.

Are You A Werewolf?: this was really good last-thing-at-night fun, excellently GM'd by Phil. It was shocking how easy it is to hang the wrong guy.

The cottage at Hay (Celtic Lodge) is up for sale, so unless we can come up with £300,000 between us, it looks like we will be somewhere else next year. We're looking for somewhere cheap, with lots of cafes and book shops and mountains to climb and rivers to swim in and tables to play games on. Any ideas?



Phil said...

Neglected to mention "Are You A Werewolf?" there Dad - understandable, it barely counts as a real game. It's more of an excercise of mental will and deception... hey, that sounds like Diplomacy!

Peter said...

You're right Phil, can't think how I forgot that. I will fix that straight away.

Firestone said...


Peter said...

Nice idea!! Maybe a little far to go for a long weekend......

Gavin said...

You also forgot Poker. But nevertheless, thanks for a great weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed it.