Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More gaming outreach

I spent last weekend relaxing with about 15 (non-gamer) friends in a large pleasant house on the North Downs. Naturally I packed a box with 4 or 5 Euro games just in case, and sure enough on Saturday evening the subject of boardgames came up. I carefully described the various options I had brought along - Settlers of the Stone Age, Through the Desert, Lord of the Rings etc, until someone (Rosie) said "I've got Pictionary with me, anyone fancy that?" That brought immediate approval from around table (the boringly familiar wins over the scarily unfamiliar every time?) so I sighed (internally) and settled down for an evening of shouting and scribbling.

Still, when Pictionary finished at last (after a rules dispute about whether you need an exact die roll to finish!) I had the opportunity to introduce them to 6 Nimmt! which I'm happy to say went down a storm. As I result I have orders for 3 copies of the game (to be purchased from one of these obscure game shops which non-gamers find so difficult to even envisage the existence of, let alone contact or visit) including one for Rosie. So taken as a whole, I think our games evening counts as a success.



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Bloody love that Euro-cow game!

PS The way you write about how you introduce people to boardgames sounds shockingly like the evangelism sessions we had in Christian Union all those years ago...