Friday, October 20, 2006

Collect or Play?

What are you, a collector or a player?

A lot of my boardgaming activity this year has centred around wishlists, eBay, BGG trade manager,P500, game shops, maths trades, preorders, release schedules, and trips to Oxfam. Hobby activities have been buying, selling, trading, reorganising, reshelving, cataloguing and rating my games collection.

What's missing from this list?

Ah yes - actually playing the games. Not enough of that.

So this autumn i am making a concerted effort to stop collecting and start playing games.

To that end I am dipping my toe into Play-By-Email - so far on my second game of Samurai and having great fun!

I am inviting people to my home for game sessions.

I am seeking out opponents for 2-player wargames.

I am booked into Midcon in November for a long weekend of solid gamimg.

I will be playing on Vassal and BrettSpielWelt when I can.

I may have a go at email Diplomacy, for old times' sake.

I may even seek out a local ASL cell and see if I can get some coaching.

All in all, this could transform my hobby......


Jack said...

I'm mostly a producer, but I try to get as much play as possible in through games nights at my house and friends' house, and my local games club: Beyond Monopoly York. I don't really go in for collecting as I don't have the room.

Chris Farrell said...

Funny, I just found myself thinking about "sustajnable gaming" last night. I'm not as much of an offender as I used to be, but I still buy more games than I could conceivably play. I felt like I should sit down, figure out how many times a month I game, how many new games are going to get played at those sessions, etc., and come up with a number, limiting my new game purchases (especially wargames) to a rate at which I can sustain actually playing them.

It's a nice idea, but probably not going to happen. But it's good to have goals.

Phil said...

Bring your most portable wargame to London this week and we'll have dinner at my new flat, followed by some War action.

This isn't a request for a date by the way guys - I'm his son...