Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Catching up

I've been falling behind a bit with my gaming news....

Last Monday (15th) I joined Les at the wonderful Plume of Feathers in Crondall for a game of Blue Moon. The new twist - we were each to bring two decks we had built using the Inquisitors rules. A first for both of us.

I had spent a good hour on Sunday building my Aqua-based deck, using the inquisitor Swift-Fist because I anticipated getting a chance to shuffle my discards back at some point. Les had spent 5 minutes in his lunch-break building a Mimix-based deck with the same inquisitor - my deck wiped the floor with him. Les's sloppy preparation exacts its price! On examination we found that Les's deck was 7-moons short, so that may well have contributed to his defeat.

Next up - my Khind-based deck vs. his Vulca-based deck. I won again, and this time both decks were correctly built!

We finished with a quick game of Aton, where Les rebuilt his self-esteem with a 50/32 victory.

Good company, good beer, great games. What more could one ask?

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