Monday, January 01, 2007

The search for victory

I was on the road with Sue over Christmas, visiting her family then my family. Various games were played along the way, with increasing frustration at my inability to win anything.

Christmas Day, at Sue's family gathering in Market Bosworth. In the evening I persuaded everyone to try 6 Nimmt! Sue won the first round with a score of zero, and declared she doesn't like this game. Her sister-in-law Maggie, who also doesn't like the game, won the next round.

Boxing Day in Sandbach, with my brother Tim and his family. I taught 8-year-old nephew George how to play Risk. He gave me a sound thrashing, and spent the rest of the visit calling me “Failure” instead of “Uncle Peter”.

Wednesday, at my mother's home in Ashley. There's no point even suggesting a game to Mum, but in the evening Sue kindly played Fluxx with me. We played four rounds – Sue won them all.

Thursday, back at Sue's in Wood Green. Sue suggested Scrabble. Ah! I'm good at Scrabble. But not as good as Sue it seems. She thrashed me by about an 80 point margin – I never had a chance. She was raised by crossword addicts.

I was getting desperate. I had to do something drastic to change my luck, end this run of defeats.

Saturday, meeting Sue in London before going over to my son Phil's for dinner, I asked her to marry me. After dinner Phil pulled out Gang of Four (one of my gifts to him) and I won, yes WON! Then a quick game of NanoFictionary. I felt inspired, and told a great little story with some local colour – and WON again!

Sometimes you have to do something drastic to change your luck.....


Jack said...

Well? What did she say?

Oh, and I feel for you. I get beaten all the time too, even at games I've invented.

Jason Spears said...

You can't leave us hanging like that, what did she say?