Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Online is where it's at...... for now

In the absence of real opponents I'm hitting the web servers.

Tipped off by Moritz Eggert (?) from The DiceTower, I am trying out HexWar, which allows you to play old SPI wargames by email. The free try-out, Napoleon at Waterloo, is a trip down memory lane for me. I got it when I first subscribed to S&T back in the 70's, and I used to play at lunchtime with friends at school. Back then my nickname was "The General".

I've also usually got a couple of games of Amun Re on the go at SpielByWeb - I'm not doing very well at the moment, though I did win one (somehow) a few weeks ago.

But hopefully soon I'll be at a table again looking my opponents in the eye.....

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