Friday, February 23, 2007


I am finally punching out the counters in my ASL Starter Kit #2. I have been doing this chore on and off for at least the last 35 years. I think the first wargame I ever punched counters for was Avalon Hill's Waterloo. Since then we have had personal computers, the internet, mobile phones, robot spaceships exploring the solar system - but wargame counters are exactly the same as they always were. They don't punch out properly, they tear, you get wispy bits on the corners. Note too that these products are from the USA - the most technologically advanced nation on the planet. I bet they are still using the same dies on the machines as they were in 1970.

One thing has changed though - for the very first time in my long wargaming career I am taking the nail clippers to my new counters. Very light clippage - no octagonal counters for me thanks - but clippage nonetheless.

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