Saturday, August 04, 2007

A heritage project

I finally got around to painting the second squad of space marines in my vintage copy of Space Hulk. I bought this game - it must be 15 years ago - from the son of a colleague at work. Got it for £15 - the little sucker didn't know what he was parting with. Heh.

Anyway, it was pretty battered, with a split box, and various bits missing. Expansion sets included (in various states of disrepair). I've been lovingly, but slowly, restoring it ever since. I bought more genestealers to replace missing figures. I painted them and the first squad of marines. I sorted and catalogued the tiles, counters and doors. I bought new dice and a 3-minute timer. I patched split corners on the box.

All the while the game was being played from time to time. Amazing game - intense, tactical, atmospheric. Scary even.

And now the second squad is done. They look pretty good I think, despite the missing antennae. Time to get this baby on the table again.....

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