Saturday, September 22, 2007

Computers ate my week

A frustrating week with my computer. Windows interface going screwy, and unable to connect to my wireless router. All these faults are intermittent, hard to track down. Hard to Google for answers when you can't get online. Think I've tracked it down to my cheapo wireless card from EBuyer - a new upmarket card is in the post.

I thought it'd take me a day to get my car listed for sale on EBay - with these problems it's taken me all week. Today I can connect to the internet and finally managed to get a nice listing into EBay. Just about to press the GO button, and suddenly I can't login to EBay any more. No idea why.

Sigh. I HATE computers.......


Iain said...

Good luck with the new wireless card. I had to give up with wireless in the end. I have had excellent results with powerline network plugs.

It's wired and more expensive than wifi, but it's faster, 100% reliable and effortless to setup.

Clay B. said...

I had been having trouble connecting to my wireless router. I solved it by changing the channel it was using. I suspect I was getting interference from one of the neighbors.