Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So at last, I'm a student again. Yesterday I enrolled at the Institute of Psychiatry (at King's College London) to do a full-time Masters in Neuroscience. Teaching starts tomorrow!

It felt strange to be with a group of 40 or so freshly graduated youngsters. There is only one other old guy - a psychiatrist from Slovakia - but the young folks are being very friendly and not treating me like some kind of freak.

The cycling is going OK so far, except for getting caught in a cloudburst yesterday afternoon. 11 miles each way, it's a fair old distance, but only takes me an hour and a quarter, about the same as tubing and bussing it. Only cheaper and healthier.

Tomorrow we do some chemistry revision and sessions on how to revise, how to do coursework, how to pick up your email, that kind of stuff. Then on Monday it's down to the real thing - receptors, amino acids and proteins, rat brain anatomy, etc. I can't wait....


Jack said...

Hiya Peter,

Sounds great - oh, to be a student again! Is your course just the Psychiatric aspects of Neuroscience, or the subject as a whole? My MS means regular visits to the Neurosciences ward in York.


Peter said...

Hi Jack. It's a broadly based course, so there's pure science, simulation and neural nets, as well as clinical stuff. King's specializes in research into neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers, MS etc.