Thursday, October 18, 2007

The price of knowledge

The gaming is getting very sparse now that my Masters is in full flow. (Even in the good times I manage less in a year than Brian Bankler does in a month!) Since I became a student I've played Lost Cities and Fluxx with Sue, soloed an ASLSK#2 scenario ("88s at Zon") and won a PBEM game of Puerto Rico. Oh and I've beaten my step-nephew Tom at Napoleon at Waterloo a few times on Hexwar.

It's all pretty scanty.

Was looking forward to a session with Iain Cheyne this Saturday, but England's dratted rugby success has curtailed that.

Oh well, at least there's Midcon next month to look forward to....


Phil said...

Where are you watching the rugby? For the full Rugby World Cup Final experience keep your mobile phone switched on, because I am happy to send hyperbolic text messages.

Cory Dorrough said...

Bummer. I haven't had much time for Catan and Fluxx since I started looking for a job again. I miss consuming beer and losing games to attractive, geeky girls.

Can't wait to retire. The board games then will be awesome!