Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Coast to Coast walk was an amazing experience. Nearly three weeks in the open air - we got very fit and healthy. We had a couple of difficult days in the rain, but most of the time we had great weather. By the time we arrived in the Lake District we had become eaters of miles, and found it relatively easy to do the big climbs over Kidsty Pike and St Sunday Crag that we encountered. I picked up a stomach bug and we spent an unscheduled day in Borrowdale while I recovered, so next day we had to do two days' walk in one day to get back on schedule, 16 miles over Honister Pass and down the length of Ennerdale, but we coped with even that. It was a great feeling to finally dip our toes in the sea at St Bees; the tide was out so we had to walk an extra 200yds!

Photos are here if you're interested.


skarper said...

Good to hear it was so successful. Nice weather makes a lot of difference of course, and you seem to have allowed yourselves plenty of time for the walk.

I suppose it's back to reality now. Are you any nearer a decision on what direction to take? I've always been firmly in the do what you love camp career wise. Now I'm trying to get my own business off the ground - teaching English in my home. Something I've always dreamt of doing. I would make more money working for a big chain school or doing shortish contracts 'in company'. But my heart is never in that.

Whatever you do do, I hope it brings you happiness and fulfillment.

Peter said...

Hi Andy. At the moment I'm on a 6 month contract as a research assistant, as an unofficial way of starting my PhD project. So yes, I'm still following that dream (or is it a mirage?) Good luck with your new business!