Monday, October 27, 2008

Why I hate Facebook

It's slooowwww.
It's too flirty.
For example: why does it keep showing me ads for finding sexy local singles, no matter how many times I tell it I'm not interested?
I'm tired of seeing pictures of drunk people.
The interface is horribly clunky.
For example, I couldn't even figure out how to write on a friend's wall the other day.
It's a huge waste of time.
And most seriously: no-one reads my blog any more, they're all busy Facebooking!

Now Scrabulous has gone, the one thing I still enjoy about Facebook is playing chess with Phil. But there's other places we could do that. And it's sometimes nice to get people's news. But I'm trying out Twitter for that.


William said...

Yes but you tell Facebook more. There's nothing about your car crash here ;)

Gavin said...

Facebook really was the pioneer of "clean" - being a much-needed antidote to the clutter of MySpace. But now it's gone down the same path. Also, I'm seriously considering uninstalling Flash. I hate those ads!