Monday, November 26, 2001

Almost forgot - it's my birthday today! Not much chance to celebrate, as I am back at work this evening for an all-nighter. However, I got home earlier today and had excellent presents from my parents and from Phil to unwrap. Both gifts were history books - the Mammoth Book of Kings and Queens (amazing book, two thirds of it is pre-conquest stuff, I thought no-one knew much about the Dark Ages?!) - and Enemy at the Gates from Phil. How did he know his Dad is interested in military history?! I also wandered into Salisbury and bought myself a lovely brown leather briefcase - a floppy old-fashioned one with brass buckles. Beautiful!

And Phil also sat me down after dinner and played my favourite wargame with me - Up Front! But even though it's my birthday, he still beat me as usual.

Of course the best present of all would be for this database migration to go smoothly......

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