Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Quick game report: James kindly came over on Sunday for an ASL teach-in. We played a scenario called "Operation Gavin" (I think?) - this was a simple infantry-only affair. I played the American paratroopers trying to work around a group of Germans in a village and stop them getting back to a bridge. I started well, using smoke to dash across open ground in view of his MGs. As I got closer to the bridge things continued to go well, with several German squads breaking. However, the tide turned when a broken German squad unexpectedly rallied and opened up with a machine gun at point blank range.

We had lunch, but I wasn't feeling too well so James was packed off home - nothing to do with me losing the scenario, honest! I really appreciated James coaching me through this daunting game system. Without having to worry too much about the mechanics- James was doing all that - it was a great wargaming experience, very tense and exciting.

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