Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Nimrod session - lack of.

This week I shall again fail to host a nimrod session. Last Thursday I was taking Phil off to Gatwick on his holiday, this Thursday he is expected back from Portugal and I want to have a meal with him and hear all his news. I'm busy every other evening of this week, including Saturday, so playing games will have to wait until next Thursday.

Apart from my problems keeping a weekday evening free, we're a bit thin on the ground these days. Nick seems to bring a lot of work home from "the office" these days (it's not really an office, it's usually a hole in a field somewhere), Robin is in lurve or studying, James is being a father (very selfish of him), and Wayne and William have gone East. On the credit side John is back in circulation. So thats five down and only one up. Nimrods - an endangered species?

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