Tuesday, March 05, 2002

I had a dose of blogger's block yesterday. I didn't write a thing, and got an all-time record (for my site) of 18 unique visitors. What's that telling me? If I want more visitors - write less, or preferably nothing at all?

What are the reasons for this (temporary I hope) drying of the blogging juices? I guess mostly it is increased busyness at work, so there is very little time for surfing in spare moments at the office. My colleague Darren departed for his native Oz in January, and since then there has been an increased workload for me. The last couple of weeks there have been several database crises that kept me working through the evening, so less time for wargaming and less to report on the nimrod front. And I am getting ready for a skiing trip to Austria next week - when I'm looking forward to being in the Alps in a few days time (real mountains not just JPGs of them!) somehow the web seems less compelling......

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