Monday, March 25, 2002

Read Andrew Sullivan - this leading light of the blogging movement is gay, Catholic, conservative, and scarily intelligent. Reading his stuff always breaks up and rearranges a few more of my lazy preconceptions. How could he do otherwise?

It has always seemed to me that the natural politics for homosexuals is conservative-libertarian. Homosexuals have historically never done well under repressive leftist or rightist regimes; they are far more likely to flourish under limited government, low taxes, and a robust foreign policy. What the current war has further done, I think, is reveal how those alleged allies (in leftist fantasies) of gay people in the developing world are nothing of the sort. The "oppressed" of the Islamic world, with whom the gay left identifies, would throw most actual homosexuals off tall buildings or bury them under rubble. Islamo-fascism is one of the most powerful and terrifying homophobic movements since Soviet and Cuban communism and Francoite or Nazi fascism. So how on earth have some gay leftists instinctively sided with the allegedly oppressed other? The first political principle for any gay movement worthy of the name is freedom. That's what the left doesn't understand; and that's why their hold on the gay population is tenuous and eroding fast.

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