Tuesday, March 26, 2002

It seems probable that nimrods are much more numerous than we thought. Or at least crypto-nimrods or proto-nimrods. Phil regularly every Wednesday visits his friend Will, along with Will's dad Nigel and Nigel's friend Polo. What is their usual activity on this laddish sociable evening? Watching football? Renting a video? Getting drunk? No, they pull out Settlers of Catan. By all accounts they're hooked, playing extremely competitively, and several games an evening. They even have one of the expansion sets.

I'd like to chat to Will and his dad about Settlers and introduce them to the wider world of gaming. They could be new recruits, fresh blood, budding nimrods! But Phil has forbidden me. Actually I'm not allowed to speak with any of his friends, because I'm not cool enough apparently......

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