Tuesday, May 06, 2003

I played Nick at Krieg! over the weekend, wasting 14 hours of glorious weather on Sunday and Monday crouching over a map of Europe. And basically I regret it. It's not just that I was well on the way to losing (with Moscow fallen a Soviet collapse was on the cards.) I enjoyed the fighting retreat across Russia (especially the bit where I destroyed an overconfident Panzer Army), I enjoyed the seesaw of fortunes in North Africa, I enjoyed inserting a Soviet tank corps into Konigsburg and later holing them up in the Pripet marshes where they stubbornly refused to die. But it just takes so long - after two solid days of gaming we had only reached summer 1942 for goodness sakes. Sorry Nick, it was fun (in parts), but I just don't see why I would ever play this again when I could be playing Barbarossa to Berlin instead.

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