Thursday, May 08, 2003

It's come at last - the Nimrods weekend starts tomorrow, as eight of us (Steve, Dave, John, William, Nick, Simon, Phil and myself) find our way in various cars trains and buses to Celtic Lodge in Hay-on-Wye. The place sleeps 10 max, so we have nearly maxed out. I'm amazed and really pleased by the take-up on this. Hopefully it will be a big success (ie nobody gets murdered) and perhaps we will do it again next year.

Anyway, last night I was compiling my final list of games to take, with lots of suggestions from Dave - "You've got to take x"...."Oh, and you've got to take y".... "Oh, and you've got to take z (kids game in enormous box)"..... Ignoring most of Dave's suggestions the list is looking like this (dependent on how full the boot looks):

Formula Motor Racing (fluffy but fun)
Hammer of the Scots (short absorbing wargame)
Puerto Rico (I haven't begun to play this enough)
Euphrat & Tigris (a gamer's game)
Aquarius (more fluff)
Chrononauts (fluff)
18xx (anti-fluff)
Battle Cry (for a tournament?)
Hera & Zeus (I feel like a 2-player euro)
Settlers card game (and another)
Lost Cities (and another)

Quite a lot of short games there, not many wargames. I think these choices are a big reaction to last weekend's 14-hour Krieg marathon.

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